Photo Of Me

Marina Wright  

SDSU MIS Student

As many other undergraduate students I'm working my way through every difficult task and impossible-feeling classes in order to graduate. Hopefully one day I get to the coveted graduation date to successfully hold my degree. I am passionate about traveling and I hope to get the opportunity to go overseas long-term after I complete my fourth year. Outside of school I am very passionate about spending time outdoors and sustainability because I love this plant and want to take care of it so it maintains its natural beauty.                 

COntact information

Email :

Website : SDSU

Phone : (098)765 -4321

Address : Sunnycity, USA

employer information

Karluk Fisheries Inc. 

Deckhand / July - 2016

Commercial fishing is the ultimate challenge if I've ever experienced one. The gritty labor intensive work is all worth it for the incredible location. I worked on the deck weighing the fish and documenting the transactions between the boats. I was also responsible for helping with navigating the ship through the Northern Pacific and throughout a few locations in Southeast Alaska.                  

Sunrise Group 

West Coast Guide / August - 2018 

Everyone loves a good sunrise or sunset. My job was to guide a tour group to the best local areas to view the sunsets during the summer months. A clear sky is key to the best sunsets, so part of my job was to check the forecast and assess which areas in the county were prime for the day and evaluate them throughout the day.