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Our Mission

At Turle Kingdom we are founded upon recreating the world and mentality of the people within so that we can provide a sustainable habitt for all of the species in the world. Through transparent activism and pursuing honest methods to preserve the ocean, we inspire others to support our mission of preserving the beauty of nature, especially within our oceans.

In order to carry this out, Turtle Kingdom is a nonprofit that began with focusing on protecting the wildlife in the ocean, particularly turtles. We sell metal straws, made from ethically sources and produced metals, along with waterbottles and other reusable items to encourage consumers to stray away from plastics. Plastic materials are making its way to our oceans and creating massive pollution and harm to sea creatures. Turtles especially are vulnerable to plastic straws that get into the ocean, which is why a portion of our profits go to help relieve the turtles ad go towards cleaning up the ocean.